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Monday, September 22, 2008
[Yeah I posted :D].chewed at9:56 PM

Okay ignore the title I have nothing to write whatt!!!
EOYs are coming soon :( Like we have about a week to prepare! (aka time to mug.)
I hope I'll do well and to all that are taking exams soon GOOD LUCK. Seriously XD
Ok then so I have...chinese, english, lit, history, geog, math, chem. And...wait a minute.
Oh yeah that's all. (SEVEN subjects. Oh wow. Manageable lahh.)
Okay, was about to mention at least I don't take 3rd Lang. poor RSP-ers.
So where was I.
Oh, what the heck. CHANGE TOPICCCC

Ohh today we tasted ORGANIC CHOCOLATE :D A dream come true! It was 70% Dark, according to the wrapping. ANd NO milk! (And it wasn't made in China.)
It was totally cool and so nice! But I dun think I'll ever taste organic chocolate ever again...because nobody will ever buy me one? I mean, who actually buys dark organic chocolate for...well...good point.
OKAY you know what nevermind.
Chocolate is good for the soul. Say yes. (---beep---Mind control message HERE---beep---LOVE CHOCOLATE<<...
Haha no the mind control message doesn't work, does it?


Tuesday, September 16, 2008
[Whee~].chewed at2:08 AM

So my parents came back from South Africa.
Ho hum.
Where is South Africa???
Yeahh, and they came back with the greatest stuff :D
You know what they got? (guess.)
Haha they got CHOCOLATE! :)
Yups, nothing beats chocolate.
Oh and they got this keychain that said "I WORSHIP CHOCOLATE". Yay I like it.

Haha I'd better post more often or else this blog is deadd. Ah well.

sudden outburst of joy~
Okayy, so yeah :) Today we went for a coastal cleanup for ICCS at the beach and it was so cool! And all for the environment!
Haha we found loads of junk, like, about 264 cigarette butts or something. Or was it styrofoam pieces? And that was just four of us picking rubbish. (In about one hour.)
Imagine how much rubbish there is out there.
I picture giant rubbish heaps. With flies.
I really like doing stuff like this :D It's fun and exciting. And it helps us bond.
Oh but it's disgusting.


Monday, September 8, 2008
[Obsessions].chewed at9:53 PM

Lately my friend Arunima has had a terrible terrible obsession about SHINY STUFF.
Weird right? Sheesh.
Vivian is scared of her now, because she keeps on yelling at her "SHIIIINNNEEEEEEEEE!!!!".
And then Vivian screams and grabs me. I've got marks on my arm now. Ouches.
It's scary. Try it on your friends and you'll get one of these three reactions:
1. They scream, grab your shoulder and shake you.
2. They decide to join you and your shininess.
3. They beat you up and tell you that your blood is shiny.
Okay, the third option is scary. It's probably NEVER going to happen. So get that out of your head and sigh in relief.

Obsessions? Everyone has one. I mean, I'm obsessed with chocolate (and I'm sure many others are obsessed with chocs too :)) and some people are obsessed with the colour pink, and etcetc.
Okay, I'll make a list of obsessions then.

In no order whatsoever.
Air. As in air...like, I breathe air?
Math Donuts. Whatever that means.
Chocolate milk! Vitasoy only.
Pineapple juice.
Not being fat.
Pens. (according to vivian, she loves pens so much that she used to buy pens everyday.)
(Sheesh, how'd she manage it?)
Quadratic equations...
(what the heck?)
The perfect shade of hot pink!

Wow Vivian you have very...interesting obsessions.

Okayy then buhbye I have to do ICT. Or I'll feel guilty.

Sunday, September 7, 2008
[Holidays are so short-lived].chewed at1:17 AM

Whaddya know. It's Sunday.
You know what this means? END OF SEPTEMBER HOLS.
At least I finished most of my homework.
Note "most".
Okay, the holidays weren't thaat bad...Monday was fun. Yeh, Monday was real fun~thanks all who came:)hope y'all had fun!
Letsee, Wednesday and Friday was fun too because of Judo :D
Other than that it was just homework and revision back to back.
No lah, I wasn't really dying of homework and stress. I was dying of BOREDOM.
Figuratively lah.

Seriously. This week I've only been in 4 places, my house, my grandmother's house, Eastpoint mall, and IMM. (Okay, maybe to more places. But you get what I mean.)
WOW. So exciting.
Oh wait. IMM was actually quite exciting. I got 2 new pants, and new shirt, and a new jacket. (It's grey and I like it :))
Ah well.
Anyway the holiday has come and gone. And I didn't do much.
It doesn't get as boring as the September hols, I tell you.
So yaa, tomorrow we go back to school. Hooray.
The truth is I've been looking forward to school. I mean, that's where your friends are.
And your life, actually.
OK fine, school minus math lesson.
Yeah that's just me XD
Kay then. I packed my bag last night, and I've completed most (most, meaning about 75-80%) of my homework, so I AM READY!
Sort of.
Ohh and I'll be using my new bag (refer to earlier post) for school now, so off to a fresh start!

I guess.

Good luck for tomorrow then. All the best :D

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
[I LOVE MY LIFE].chewed at12:18 AM

Okay. since when have I become such a happy person?
Nahh. I'm actually quite an optimistic, joyful, life-embracing person that loves emo stuff.
Sheesh. I contradict myself.
Anyway, my birthday passed in August (August is a cool month, you gotta admit it.) and I think it totally rocked!
You know what I'm talking about. Birthday presents!
Here are some pics of the stuff I got for my birthday :)

IT"S A DUCK!!!!!!

haha it's cute!!! And it makes noise!
Its hair is blue! BLUE :D

And it's purple:)

(See the piggy in the corner? That's Ashley. Da runaway pig.)
(And the pink lump is my pillow)

So it's a companion to my other mushabelly :D

This is a tote bag :) It's really cool!

My friends-Arunima, Ashlynna and Vivian-got it for me!

You know, when they wrapped it, the handles were like, sticking out suspiciously? Yeah it was funny :D

Gosh I love this!

Ohh this is my knee. I dunno how it got into this picture.

Yup, and I got a pair of shoes! And my friend (Aileen) drew the designs! Yup, it's 'handmade'.
She is artistic, man.

OMIGOSH they rock!

And the best part about it is that the shoes fit my feet!
Seriously. My feet are big. BIGGGG>

LOL no wonder this is the first time I'm getting shoes for a birthday present.

Ah well.

I'm crazy over the shoes XD

Waiiit. Close up on one shoe :)

See the intricate design? THAT is craftsmanship.
(aka thanks Aileen for drawing the designs on the shoes :) they rock and I love them!)
(There's still more, like all the chocolate I got bombarded with---it's a good thing guys! Now I have chocolate to last me a month or so!
Nah only kidding. It'll last me till december. Then you guys will have to re-supply me with chocs:))
And yeah, I got more stuff that I didn't mention here, but they're all nice stuff :D
Just for today, I think I'm a real lucky person(:

chocolates are a sweeeeeeeeeet way to go~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
[Pronounce your stuff properly!].chewed at12:16 AM

Hey guys :) Today I shall blog about pronunciation.
Okay. Letssee.
On Sunday I went to Changi Airport T3 XD and I just couldn't help reading out all the signs that I saw.
Ooh then I saw something I couldn't make out. (nooo.)
"The Coffee Conessieur (TCC)".
What the heck.
Okay, I know how to pronounce it now. It's COR-NEE-ZEE-YAWRR. I think.
Haha I like doing this :D


cookie monster!

Hi. :D
I like cookies.
Gimme cookies.

cookie tales!