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Sunday, August 31, 2008
[Math%ages].chewed at1:22 AM

MATH PERCENTAGES. Or at least that's what the title says. Anyway.

All of a sudden I had this realisation that I suck at math.
Well yeah, I've sucked at math since P4. Which is lykk when I was 9. Yeah, off to a great start.
Did you know in P3 I got best in Math???
Maybe they got the name wrong.
Okay, they didn't.
I mean, my Math record was like this.
P1: 100%
P2: 100%
P3: 100%
P4: 70-80% (There ya go.)
P5: 65-80%
P6: ???
Sec 1: 65-80%

Whaddya know? Not thaaat bad lah, but you get the idea.
Now, these percentages hide the facts:
That I failed some math test in P6 (don't worry, it wasn't PSLE.)
That I used to be best in class for math, and that now I suck at it.
Actually P1 to P3 math is so darned simple, I think most of us would get an A* for it.
Well back to the point.
Not that I hate math. Math can be fun. (To Vivian and Arunima :) Math can be fun!)
Yeah, but you can't help detesting...wait, no...fearing math, after you keep on getting the questions wrong, right?
I mean, it sucks.
Okayy done ranting for today :) Enjoy your Sunday, guys.
It's raining now :D I love rain.
Ok bye guys.

Friday, August 29, 2008
[Teachers' Day Celebrations].chewed at8:12 PM

Yesterday we had our teachers' day celebrations.
Actually it's on Monday but that's a school holiday. So we celebrated on Friday.
Quite interesting, seeing that it's my first time seeeing the celebrations in the school. In primary school we didn't watch the celebrations from the third floor. We sat in the hall.
Oh, and we were standing. And leaning over the ledge just to get a better look. And my view was blocked by a pillar.
Dang the pillar.
Well the thing itself was okay, but after a while it got abit boring and my legs were tired.
And for some reason, my elbow joints hurt too. Oh gaah they still ache. Och.
So my friend and I went into a classroom to arm wrestle.
Okay, I know, random!
Then there was the gym thing, and it was awesome! They are super flexible! In other words their performance was real cool XDD

Then we went back to our old primary school to visit the teachers.
*Sniff* I miss my old classmates.
(Technically, we're still young.)
We actually created a batch video for our teachers (: yeah we're so sweet right!
It was real funny:D but sad because I don't have a copy.
Ah well.
Then we hung out at Tampines Mall till 4.30pm.
Oh yeah, we stole our friends' shoes and spent one hour playing 'shoe-hunting'.
Childish, I know, but really entertaining.
P.S. They all got their shoes back.
Ohh and we played truth or dare, and we dared John (a dude) to untie his shoelaces with his teeth.
Sounds stupid. Well, it was. Funny and stupid.
And gross.
I mean, he looked as though he was making out with the shoe.
No wait, he was groping it.
Okay you get the idea.

Wonder if we'll do this next year.


[Calories].chewed at5:52 AM

Well here I am back again from my last post about 10minutes ago. Ho hum.
So yeahh, I added a calorie calculator! For my friend who is super conscious of calories and fats!
Actually it's kinda fun to play with :)
I shall later attempt to change my blogskin and add a tagboard.
Like, calories are good, but too much is bad. (duh.)
On another note, how much calories do chocolates have?
And how much fat...
Hmm. It's a wonder I'm not fat. Yet.
Not that I will be XD

lol early goodnite!

[Hello world and all who inhabits it.].chewed at5:36 AM

Hi guys I just created my blog...geez the layout is boring. Anyone have any idea where to get good blogskins?
Yeah I know I'm clueless. Ah well. We live and learn right?
Kayy. Then on to the intro.
You can call me nikki or nic.
My mom bakes the best chocolate chip cookies!
Okayy random.
Haha my life is fine, just that once in a while it gets screwed up abit. Sheesh.
Anyone got any good ideas on what to post about? Well anyway I shall post later, I need to finish my homework. Gaah it's math. I suck at math.
At least we still have holidays.

nic :D


cookie monster!

Hi. :D
I like cookies.
Gimme cookies.

cookie tales!